June 18, 2023

Titan TC6000 Commercial


A real commercial grade machines with onboard tools? No problem. If you really want a commercial machine but have to have an integrated hose then this machine is your first stop. A lot of the standard metal components you expect but still leaving room for basic tools and a quick release hose. Tool free quick tabs on the base mean belt changes and clog removal can be done without so much as a screwdriver. Suck up a shoe lace or a rug end? You can swap a burnt belt on the fly. HEPA exhaust filter comes standard and provides better filtration for the more discerning nose.

This machine could have a different price in store. Online advertising requirements prevent instore price from being listed here.



  • 10 amp motor
  • Durable Metal Components
  • Chrome metal handle
  • Extra long 40ft cord
  • Easy access on-board tools
  • Rubber furniture guard
  • HEPA filter and HEPA bag
  • 9 quart capacity
  • Replaceable brush strips
  • 1yr limited commercial warranty