August 9, 2023

Henry Quick


We’ve been asking for a long time, and Henry finally made it. A bagged cordless vacuum. No more messy dump outs and clogged filters. The “pods” seal when not in use and can be ejected into the trash without even touching the bag. Bagged filtration means significantly higher capacity. Dirt and hair are compacted into the bag instead of being swirled around.


As the most powerful stick vac we carry, the Henry Quick is one of our favorite blends of price and durability. It fits just under the Miele & Dyson in price, and beats the less expensive Simplicity on power and construction.




  • 26 Pods Included (1 quart capacity)
  • 300 Watt Motor
  • 2-in-1 Combi Tool
  • Extended-use Handle
  • Wall Dock, Charger & Battery
  • Suction relief for soft carpet
  • Turbo mode for big messes
  • Up to 60 min runtime