May 26, 2023

Perfect P104 Commercial


This is the standard commercial upright vacuum. You’ve seen clones of this machine in hotels and offices for decades. Everything you need for heavy commercial use with nothing you don’t. Steel brush roller, replaceable bristles, steel faceplate and metal switches. All hallmarks of one of the oldest designs still in production. Some modern improvements include the magnetic front bumper to grab metal objects before sucking them up, and finally a true HEPA bag so we stop spewing dust everywhere while vacuuming.

The P104 is the wider version of the P103. All the same features but an extra 33% cleaning width to finish large areas that much faster. If you have an open area to clean, the P104 is easily worth the upgrade.




  • Ergonomic Handle
  • X-Large Quick Release Cord Clip
  • 50ft heavy duty 3 wire cord
  • Heat Overload Protection
  • Easy turn 6-position carpet adjustment
  • Extra strength metal hood and bottom plate
  • Aluminum Brush Roll w/ Replaceable strips
  • See-thru fan chamber
  • Reinforced Fan
  • Heavy Duty metal foot switch
  • ā€œVā€ Shaped motor cooling vents
  • Built in bumper magnet