May 17, 2023

Sebo K3



Some machines are exclusive to stores that can perform warranty repairs (like us!). We can display this model on our website, but the manufacturer limits sales to brick and mortar stores only. This gives us a big way to differentiate ourselves from online only retailers and large box stores that do not provide repairs and service.

This is the first of SEBO’s mid size canisters. The K3 is the lightest and most mobile of the bunch, but still just as sturdy as it’s larger brothers. It features the exact same power head and floor brush as the D4, and has the same non-marking foam bumper. Even as SEBO’s smaller canister, the K3 is HEPA filter equipped. This actually improves indoor air quality as your cleaning, rather than flinging dust and allergens into the air while you vacuum.

As with all of the SEBO canisters we carry, we include the bonus tool kit with the machine. This includes a 9ft extension hose, upgraded floor tool, bending crevice tool, and turbo pet tool for stairs and upholstery.



Designed and manufactured in Germany

25-foot Cord Length

Tug start cord reel

Soft start motor extends life

Commercial grade construction

3.5 inch profile

Variable suction control

Quick release roller for easy cleaning

Three onboard tools

Full Bag indicator