Air Quality Facts

Air pollution contributes to lung disease, including respiratory tract infections, asthma and lung cancer. Lung disease claims close to 335,000 lives in America every year and is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Over the past decade, the death rate for lung disease has risen faster than for almost any other major disease. -- American Lung Association
Six out of 10 homes and buildings are "sick" and are hazardous to occupants. -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Homes built after 1979 have tighter insulation wraps -- trapping smoke, odors and other contaminants indoors.
Central vacuum systems provide cleaner indoor air by efficiently removing particles without stirring up microscopic dust particles and re-emitting them into the interior of the home. The vacuum receptacle is vented outside of the living space keeping the air inside free of pollutants. -- The Healthy House Institute
About 500,000 hospital admissions and 5,000 deaths are attributed to asthma annually. -- Online Allergy Center