May 7, 2021

Riccar R25D


The middle tier of the R25 series, the R25D offers a good bang for buck in the dual motor line-up. This model is the first to offer automatic reset on the brushroller for any accidental sock or carpet fringe pick ups. It also includes a HEPA exhaust filter for anyone with allergy or respiratory concerns. The R25D also brings the motor controls up into the handle for easy switching between surfaces.

Like all R25 series machines, you will get 2 independent motors. This allows you to swap from hard floors to carpet with a button that controls the brush motor. A secondary mode that assists with soft carpet allows for use on most problematic carpet styles. The R25 series has the lowest handle weight of any full size machine we carry. This means only 2 lbs of pressure is required to hold the handle. For people who want a clean home without the bulk, the R25 machines glide easily without sacrificing power.


– Powerful 11-amp Motor

– Metal Brushroller

– Deluxe Touch Handle Grip

– Lifetime Belt

– Self Sealing HEPA Filter Bag

– 35ft Cord

– LED Headlight

– Full Bag Light

– Onboard Tools

– Aluminum Wand

– 11 ft Cleaning Reach

– 3yr warranty